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Shop at any online retailer of your choice, or choose our buying service to make purchases for you. We’ll provide you with a quick tutorial of our service, and then  you can begin enjoying all the rewards of shopping at online retailers.
To save you money your packages will be resized and consolidated and then be shipped to you in the next scheduled shipment to your country. Once your invoice is paid and the shipment cleared through local Customs, your packages will be delivered to your preferred home/office or pick up location.
We provide you major discounts on many products and in different online shops. Whether it is clothing, Home & Garden, Sports & Fitness, Toys or anything else. Katorg brings them all together for you at one web site, and provides shipping for all your items.
Katorg is your central online platform to manage your orders from numerous online stores in one place. Here you can track your purchases, shipments and payments. We also offer other services, such as a quality-check, resizing and consolidation.
We provide competent customer support in Russian. So that we can optimally respond to your questions. We will help you with your purchase abroad

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