KATORG: Full-Service Logistics for internationalen E-Commerce

Logistics for e-commerce and retail

The popularity of Western European fashion and lifestyle is a worldwide phenomenon. In Eastern Europe and Asia, the enthusiasm for fashion brands from Italy, Germany or France is unbroken. The PVU Group founded Katorg GmbH in 2002 in Hannover, Germany. The main business was mail order trading and catalogue selling and began with a few deliveries to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Today Katorg is the leading company in this field and works with several major merchants in Europe. We have long term experiences in mail order business and are specialized on full-service e-commerce solutions for fashion and lifestyle in Russian speaking markets. Our full-sevice approach provides efficient logistics and a wide range of customer-oriented services. Customer orders can be delivered fast and reliable to even the most remote areas. We have mail order centers, partners and representatives in almost all major cities in the whole Russian speaking area. 

Everything from a single source

The basic idea and vision of our business is local independence for our customers and partners. We enable customers to select any product anywhere in the world and order it by using our services. Just make your order at Katorg online and we’ll take care of the rest. Due to the organisation of our business processes and logistics delivery distances are meaningless. For us rapidity and reliability are the core principles in the entire customer process. The whole process from order to delivery should be quick and convenient. With our wide range of European fashion, lifestyle-brands and interesting products we provide an excellent full service mail order experience for our partners and customers.

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