Full-Service E-Commerce Logistics

Full service means that our customers get everything from one source. Therefore we are concentrated on the four key areas: marketing, distribution, logistics and business processes. We offer all services along the value chain of e-commerce from one source, from individual consulting, daily operation to marketing and customer service. In addition, we offer services, such as warehousing and returns management.


In our opinion marketing means the alignment of our ideas and actions with the needs of our customers. A trusting collaboration with our partners and customers is very impotant to us. Our excellent service is based on the knowledge of what is impotant to our customers and how to fulfill their expectations.


A successful distribution is characterized by high quality products, reliable services, and a quick and uncomplicated ordering process. Nevertheless outstanding sales perfomance requires customized solutions and competent services. Our partners benefit from our wide experience in distribution within a volatile and challenging market environment.


An efficient network of logistics is the key factor for success in our business. The quick delivery of shipments over long distances is our strength. Our sophisticated logistics system ensures punctual and safe delivery of orders. A particular advantage for our customers is our monitoring and tracking funtion, which allows to track the delivery of orders in real time.


Coordinated and standardized operating processes provide a fast and secure processing of orders. We strive for a continuous development of our procedural excellence and use a powerful IT infrastructure to process orders. A modern SAP system ensures fast, efficient and secure business processes.

KATORG Internet Portal

Katorg Internet Portal offers a safe, fast and convenient platform for the control and management of orders, purchases, shipments and payments.

For the usage of our website a one-time registration is needed. The membership on Katorg will give you access to an extensive range of fashion retailers. After a brief introduction given by our customer service you can make your first order. We provide you important real time information about purchases and the delivery status of your shippings. The Katorg shopping portal is continuously optimized to achieve high-level customer orientation and maximum safety. Our customer portal has many functions to facilitate navigation. The data is transmitted via SSL encryption and is also protected by technical and organizational measures.

In case of questions you can refer to our online guide or contact our qualified customer sevice, who offers further information about our products and services.

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